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We aim to revolutionize the industries of our operations creating the perfect experience for clients at an affordable cost. We operate from our office headquarters at Istanbul, Turkey and to the world. 

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A glance at our wide range of services


Our worldwide operations include import, export and shipping of a wide variety of products & goods with the help of our sophisticated network of local & global trade partners particularly across the middle east and Europe.

Real Estate

Invest and live in one of the most profitable & beautiful cities in the world, Istanbul an amazing gateway between the east & west. Choose from our wide variety of investment & housing plans across all sectors and particularly in the new city centre of Istanbul, Başakşehir.


Make your dreams come true and start your career with higher education in Turkey. We’ll help you get your dream admission in Turkish private universities while offering free discounts and guidance throughout the application process.


As one of our future goals, we are planning to launch our new tourism services sector which includes a wide range of services from airport pickups and dropoffs to car rentals, field trips and more.

Online Freelancing

Looking to start your business and reach out to more clients? Photonban, a subsidiary of Yasemina has got you covered with a wide range of services that will help you succeed. Photoban cares for it’s clients offering quality services for an affordable price.

Our Real Estate Picks

We'll help you find the perfect real estate investment. Get your free consultation today
Starting From ₺600,000
Başakşehir / Bahçeşehir / Beylikdüzü
Levent / Bağlar / Silivri

1+1 / 2+1 / 3+1 / 4+1 / 5+1 / 7+1 / 9+1 / 9+2

Starting From ₺728,000
Başakşehir / Bahçeşehir / Levent

Starting From 20 Sq Meters 

Starting From ₺540,000
Başakşehir / Bahçeşehir / Beylikdüzü

1+1 / 2+1 / 3+1

Polo / Silivri / Yalova

Tourism & Commercial Projects


Flats / Offices / Shops / Houses


Flats / Offices / Shops / Houses

*Real Estate Availability & Prices May Vary

Our Trade Products

We ensure that you get the best prices & quality with the help of our local & global network of suppliers, manufacturers and traders.
Food Stuff
Dried Fruits │ Nuts │ Grains │ Legumes │ Saffron
Wearables & Fabrics
Bags │ Shoes │ Woven Fabrics │ Clothes
Raw & Building Materials
Stone & Marble │ Chromium │ Wood

Our Educational Services

We Aim To Deliver High-Quality Online Education  & University Admission Services In Turkey

Our Companies & Subsidiaries

Symbols of our success 

From Our Leadership

We at Yasemina Trading & Services are proud of our past, present and future, we look up to new ideas and innovations of our youth to revolutionise our sectors of service and keep up with our ever-changing world.

Hussein Hamoudi

Founder Of Yasemina Ticaret & Servis

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