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Real Estate Services

Our real estate services are modeled in a way that helps costumers in making the right decision in respect to real estate in Istanbul. This is done by actively providing advice and offers to costumers, ensuring that you will find the perfect real estate.

Educational Services

Elbomo’s educational courses focus on delivering great value to the learner. Elbomo is constantly looking for inspiring teachers that are experienced in teaching in a world class syllabi. Elbomo beliefs in the future of online education and aims to be an part of it.

General Trading

With our ever-expanding network of global and local trade network, we aim to provide the world with high-quality products for cheap. Our trade activities include exports, imports, logistics, and product supply. 

Online Freelancing

Photonban’s aims to dominate the online services industry by entering all of the online servicing sectors. Photonban aims to keep personal contact with its clients all while having affordable prices. 

Tourism Services

Yasemina’s tourism services are focused on creating the perfect experience for newcomers & citizens of Turkey. From the airport to the hotel, trips and more. Our services will ensure your comfort and a perfect visit to Istanbul. 

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