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About Elbomo

Elbomo is an online education company that operates on a global scale. Our goal is to help accelerate and smoothen the move to online education. One of the ways to do so is by creating virtual learning environments that are suitable for all ages and that are accessible to people of all backgrounds. We focus on the value delivered to costumers by ensuring the highest standards of quality while being affordable. Our headquarters in Istanbul Turkey this grants us access to  huge resources of talents, expertise and inspiring teachers that are experienced in teaching well known and established syllabi.

Our Courses

  • Under the languages gig: Arabic as a first language is will be soon available alongside Arabic as a second language. 
  • Under the college admissions gig: Elongated SAT course will be available soon alongside a short 7 day course of SAT revisions. A similar ACT course will be made after that.
  • Under the skills & development gig: personal development and time management skills courses will be available soon.
  • Under the Islam and Dawah gig: Quran Tafseer with Islamic hadith and comparative religion dawah will be available soon.

Our Plans

We plan on expanding to all gigs and sectors of education, languages and self / skill development. Our courses will expand to cover all slabi and be an inclusive offer for people of all ages, genders, backgrounds and ethnicity. All what you need is a computer and an internet connection. We will be hiring educational coordinators and consultants alongside experienced teachers and tutors, giving us a guaranteed quality of output and preserving the high standards.

Mission, Vision & Values


  • Smoothen the transition to complete online education that is accessible to the masses.
  • Make education a right to everyone from all backgrounds, genders, ages etc. 
  • Create an inclusive and interactive online learning environment.


  • Be a global educational platform that provides quality education at an affordable price.
  • Create online community of teachers and educators that aims to produce quality contents for students.
  • Revolutionise the standards of education by modernising the system and reinventing the educational system.


  • Quality and Affordability.
  • Inclusivity & Community Values.
  • Innovation & Improvement.

We Are Hiring

Were looking for aspiring teachers and educators who are prepared to join us on our modern teaching plan using modern technology. We are also looking for academies and partners that could cooperate with us in the management and development.

Contact Us

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Elbomo ™ is a legal subsidiary of  Yasemina™ Ticaret & Servis.

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