Learn More About Yasemina

Were proud of our present, past and optimistic about our future 


Present distinctive & high quality services & products based on the analysis of the work environment and extensive knowledge of local and international economic conditions to satisfy our customers and customers in a professional and responsible manner in cooperation with our local and international partners.


Creating a commercial work environment that provides distinctive services and executes trade deals that take into consideration the present economic situations to cover the priority needs & wants of our costumers & clients. All while sponsoring the youth generation’s ideas to build a better future for them and those around them.


  • Perfection and quality.
  • Superior services with competitive prices.
  • Truthfulness, honesty and transparency.
  • Young, innovative and open to change and new ideas.

Our 6-D Process

Our 6 step process that we use to create our services and products, it is what defines our excellence.


We Discover for new ideas and inventions in search of a new field that we can entre.



We Define our targets by making clear vision, mission and values statements on which we operate.



We Determine new markets, partners, experts, resources,  etc. to find out if we could launch a service or product that is up to our standards.



We Develop the idea into something tangible ie. in to a service or a product that can be delivered.



We Deploy our service or product to the market alongside a well-planned marketing campaign.



We Deliver the services and products to our customers and clients, receive their feedback and refine the product or service accordingly.

Why Choose Us?

Things that make us different

We guarantee the satisfaction of our costumers by making sure that they are well served and cared for. Our staff will keep on following with our costumers until the service or product is delivered.

We have set quality control measures on all of our services and products ensuring an high quality and consistent output that satisfies our clients.

Our customers feedback is extremely valuable to us. We use your feedback to improve our services and products in a way that satisfies our costumers even more.

We are constantly evolving  and tweaking our services and products in accordance with the latest changes in our ever evolving world. Innovation is key so we are always open to new ideas that could improve or create new services or products especially from talented youngsters. 

When entering creating new service or product we make sure that we have all the needed expertise and resources on hand using the 6-D Process this allows us to maintain our high standards and quality.

Yasemina is a well know startup that has an excellent reputation in delivering the quality services and products on a local and global scale.